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Welcome to the next chapter of Tour De Traum!

Tour De Traum 17 reflects the development in music with more talents to surface who write music left and right of the dance floor and combines it with some artist who are in the club circuit heavily playing.

"Time" by Emde, Clock

Tour De Traum 17 kicks off with a familiar face Emde who has worked with Traum in the past and who has teamed up here with Clock. Their track "Time" is a smooth operator, working with a continuous rhythm and a steady and relaxed progression of sound that can make your day.

"Maitage" by Tas Kessler

Tas Kessler provides the follow up tune "Maitage" a superb deep and moody track that feels likes sun on your skin. All done in a kind of slow motion sensation.

"Digital Moon" by Davidovitch

Davidovitch returns to Tour De Traum with "Digital Moon" as great soul anthem of a house track natured by some Philly Sound spirit, which we like very much. Deep grooving music for the people who look for understatement.

"Never Ending Story" by Room Service

Room Service consists of Herr Rossi & Marco Gorek who are known in Germany as true performers when it comes to techno music. With their track "Never Ending Story" they show that their profile however is not limited to techno bangers but can be also very deep and emotional. "N.E.S." is a fantastic, trembling, crestfallen groover that has its uplifting moments when it opens up and floods the track with monumental LED bright pads.

"Berlin" by Henning Richter

Henning Richter ex-resident of Suicide Club Berlin and traveling exotic countries with his DJ sets is a wizard in the studio and has written with "Berlin" a quiet anthem that blends in panoramic sounds and voices to create a goose skin quality.

"Tomcito" by Robin Schellenberg, Vruno

Robin Schellenberg mastermind behind Berlin’s "Klunkerkranich" situated on a 1000 square meter park deck, is back with a passionate piece of music. He teams up with Vruno to present to us a electro acoustic powered piece of slow grinding techno that accumulates a whole DJ set in 7 minutes without loosing any intensity.

"A Cloud Without A Home" by Filter Bear

Filter Bear has contributed fantastic music on several Tour De Traum releases and delivers again a track with a great deal of affection. Exceptional is his skill to dwell deep on shifting perspectives within a track constantly moving into different places and thereby creating a very special mood. He short circuits and creates feedback in a very personal way.

"oncealive" by Yannek Maunz feat. Johanson

Yannek Maunz runs a project with the singer Johanson and that is symbiotic one for sure does it interact very much too create an intense indie feeling with a certain kind of cool. The duo makes handcrafted music with a strong understatement that is airy and touching. "oncealive" is such a handcrafted track with a strong understatement that is airy and touching.

"Astral Shadows" by Deep In Calm

Deep In Calm returns with his new track "Astral Shadows". His track "Nowhere City" on Tour De Traum 15 exploded on Spotify with more then 700.000 plays which is hard to top. Deep In Calm is a master of creating a chill out mood and His new tune is again inventing the highest level of deepness and relaxation and has a great build up of sublime tension that pulls you steadily into the track.

"Hedonica" by Huminal

Huminal from Amsterdam create a slow beat monster with tentacles as long as the open sea. There is a nice cross over process taking place here you will want to hear and if you like our Max Cooper music that track will be interesting for you as well.

"Philaes Landing" by Andy Moon

Andy Moon has been a big force in the past with his chilling electronic music but has always been close to techno music as well. Here we transports his feel for deeper moments into a techno format and make it worthwhile for all of us. A sure epic voyage that puts you in the drivers seat.

"What You Like" by Mikrochip Mafia

Mikrochip Mafia who were in the past super successful kick off with their new project by releasing "What You Like". The track is a roller-coaster of a track with roots in hi-energy disco electro and techno. Think about mega hits like "I-F Space Invaders - Are Smoking Grass" or "Kernkraft 400", the monstrosity finds a place in their track. Fantastic vocals and the twists you expect from such a genre include a new wave pinch as well.

"Helion" by Riamiwo

We welcome back Riamiwo this time with his track "Helion". A spiritual journey into the analogue knob twisting and with airy pads and hypnotic sequences.

"Summernights" by Peter Shik

Peter Shik returns with "Summernights"! Witness a hedonistic blend of disco, techno and house music… with fantastic vocals reviving New York house nights of the end of the 90ies and combining them with some elektro chic and modern beat programming. Curbed enthusiasm at its best.

"The Inner Workings" by Gabs

Gabs has contributed to Tour De Traum on several occasions. "The Inner Workings" follows a more moody and atmospheric approach and something that sounds more private and shows a lot of insight and knowledge for the psych of the electronic music lover.

"Digitized Interactions" by Feroui, Nasca

Nasca has released on Tour De Traum in the past and has teamed up with Feroui for an uptempo electro track called "Digitized Interactions". The track has all the quality you seek for when you talk about classic electro music but adds a stronger atmospheric edge to it! It includes a cool vocoder, a tight stern beat and good sense for melodies.

"Lake" by Sebastian Fleischer

Sebastian Fleischer has written with "Lake" an episode of a track that blends minimalist techno with an elektro feel. The narrative structure is quite bare and provides room for unrestrained sequences of passion.

"Angel Hair" by Holly North

Holly North returns to Tour De Traum after he released "Armon" in 2017 on Tour De Traum XIV. His new track "Angel Hair" is an intricate deep take of melodic techno showing great skill with a gradual build up of suspense. There is great deal of melancholia in this track expressed though the held back vocals that are carried alongside the beat.

"Spectra" by Jaksa Pavicevic

Jaksa Pavicevic has written with his track "Spectra" a techno track that features a nice quality of expanding, dreamlike melodies. The track has a well thought out repetitive and hypnotic quality that manages to make these sublime but noticeable changes that connect to the listener through a rather subconscious channel.

"Smart Concentration" by Keygenlog

Keygenlog goes old-school vs new school with "Smart Concentration" featuring, grand piano and dubbed sounds and a lively beat matrix. The tracks ambiance is soothing and relaxed and can be your best friend on hot summer nights.

"Last Night" by Zoi (CA)

Toronto based artist Zoi writes exceptional music which he states with his track "Last Night". This one gently wraps around your skin to leave no traces but a sensation that travels once triggered on its own. Images come up but are substituted by others in a split second. WOW. Slow beat atmospheric music at its best.

"Gain Control" by QuiQui

QuiQui’s "Gain Control" has that great feel similar to Tuxedomoon’s "Creatures Of The Night" which is an all-time favorite of ours so it was easy to like this track. However the track is much more spacious and embodies astral/zero gravity qualities that have soundtrack qualities.

"Mature" by Dani Sbert

Dani Sbert has been releasing on our techno imprint Trapez for some time but has written with "Mature" a melodic track we did not want to keep you from hearing. Dani keeps his massive beats but triggers melodic elements never making them a full melody but keeping them under the radar returning to the beat which makes this a very DJ friendly and rocking piece of techno.

"Duhnen" by GRDN.

GRDN. brings together mellow chords with elements of early futuristic Detroit techno. His track "Duhnen" keeps a calm state which strokes your soul.

"Random Effect" by Floyd Hoogendijk

Floyd Hoogendijk has released fantastic music on previous Tour De Traum releases. His new track "Random Effect" is again a brilliant emotional journey to say the least. Tune in to get carried away.

"Octave" by Cosma Castiglia

Cosma Castiglia returns to Traum with his next track "Octave". What starts rather minimal and barren develops and progresses into a complex composition with multiple brilliant sequences interacting which each other. Cosma Castiglia has great sense for composing music.

"Ribera (feat. Reiku)" by Deeplomat & Dublatov

You might know Deeplomat & Dublatov from their techno music but "Ribera (feat. Reiku)" shows their skill is much broader and evokes moments of great deep Detroit downbeat music which they fuse with more edgy electro beat programming and experimental rhythmic sounds.

"A Walk In The Black Forest" by The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors "A Walk In The Black Forest" starts with rain and thunder and a menacing atmosphere which clears off to give room for some serious analogue modulation and progression which happens step by step. During the course of the track gains a comforting more moody quality which makes it the main pillar of the track.

"Entropy" by Mentat

Mentat fuses with "Entropy" the energetic beat programming and urgency of techno with a more musical & lush side. The sublime suspense which results from that as well as the hypnotic state, is really what fascinates us here and made us sign the track for Tour De Traum.

"Parousia" by Fabrik Way

Fabrik Way joins Tour De Traum again with his new track "Parousia". The track tells a story and does this through a composed and narrative nature featuring different stages of intensity and colors. Melancholia meets euphoria and moods interchange in a skillful way... the Fabrik Way.

"Distance" by Lukas Bilz

Lukas Bilz "Distance" is a melodic piece of techno that creates a collective spirit through a big emotion that is almost cinematic and manages to rids on its waves. A great cinematic experience as we say here.

"Avoid" by Dan Baber

Dan Baber should be familiar to you who follow Tour De Traum. His newest invention "Avoid" expresses itself through twisted steel drum like sounds and roaring baseline and a lot of changing details which provide the track with a stunning liveliness you cannot resist.

"Innengazer" by Tribalanza

Tribalanza key element with "Innengazer" is a huge roaring Bo Diddley like funk-bass line which carries the track but let yourself be surprised how the track changes with the huge break down making a cross over you will not expect. Thats the great quality of this track to unite things you never dreamt of coming together.

"Owl" by Darper

Darper presents with "Owl" a super deep track that has a panoramic vision a broadness that gives it that timeless quality. Also nice that after 5 minute it get s additional baseline that adds to it in a nice way.

"Totem" by Geist

Geist conjures an image of what Traum music might stand for with his track "Totem", composing a lively, ever-changing track that is colorful and exotic and a but of a voyage.

"Warping" by Flembaz

Flembaz walks the narrow and strange path with "Warping". He combines wailing sounds that seem to talk to us with a hyper active rhythm programming, bringing all together in magic way.

"Paused" by The Öbjektz

The Öbjektz feature with "Paused" an orchestral piece of music that sometimes reminds of Steve Reich in its repetitive moments, certainly the track then adds different qualities. A great soundtrack as intense as it is light weight!

"Run" by Hassan Abou Alam, Tanja Ahmed

The Kairo based Hassan Abou Alam has released with us on several tracks on Tour De Traum compilations and this time he has teamed up with Tanya Ahmed to write "Run". The track has a long intro and that plunges into a drumming with lots of what sound like ancient elements and vocals that come from Tanya Ahmed. Cool mystic music!

"Botsuana Braindance" by Max Kuffel

Max Kuffel has written with "Botsuana Braindance" an Akufen like cut up funk track that fights with the earthly elements in the task to create funk. A great battle we witness here and something special we don`t want to miss.

"Lake" by Sebastian Fleischer

Sebastian Fleischer has written with "Lake" an episode of a track that blends minimalist techno with an elektro feel. The narrative structure is quite bare and provides room for unrestrained sequences of passion.

"Stack" by darkantik

darkantik organ powered piece "Stack" has that polka rhythm to it that is captivating and on top it has so many facets because of that composing quality it has, that it adds a nice melodic nice to Tour De Traum we gladly include here.

"Sand Castles" by Otto Diels

Otto Diels "Sand Castles" could be the soundtrack of French Connection IV if there was one. The repetitive noise and penetrative sounds sound amour to a psychedelic wall of noise which is counterattacked by beautiful midget melodies that enter the track when you don´t expect them. Bizarre and beautiful.

"Return" by The Untergang

The Untergang has with" Return" pocketed up a whole world of associations from The Normals "Warm Leatherette" to Herby Hancock, but when you think thats it… the track suddenly dives head over heals into a passage of romantic sounding vocals. The world of cross overs is definitely growing.

"Karine" by Philippe Cam

We sneaked in a classic from the early Traum days. The artist is Philippe Cam who was at that time considered to be a strong protagonist on the Cologne side of minimal music including Wolfgang Vogt etc… His track "Karine" proved to be among the most requested from his album and the fact that we will release another album from him after a break of 15 years in autumn was enough reason too ad this track on Tour De Traum.

"Improvisation 51105" by Harald Grosskopf, Ümit Han, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinski, Siegfried Kärcher

The group featuring Harald Grosskopf, Moogulator, Siegfried Kärcher, Ümit Han and Andreas Kolinski unites different musicians that share their love for analogue hardware and have participated here in a live jam of which we have cut out some minutes we loves to feature. "Improvisation 51105" features a sound aesthetic which connects to German krautrock days and sees improvisation as spiritual form of communication, timeless and worth indulging. Maybe the most renown is Harald Grosskopf who was a member of the early Scorpions which were produced by Conny Plank, continued with Wallenstein with whom he released on the famous label Pilz. He was also a member of Kosmische Kuriere, together with Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze and Ashra Temple and many more. The Moogulator you might know though his expertise on synthesizers, is the inventor of the international known Synthesizer forum „“. Siegfried Kärcher ist a German painter, media artist und musician and known through a release on revamped Force Inc label . Andreas Kolinski is a lecturer at the Robert Schuman Hochschule in Düsseldorf and had numerous releases under the synonym AKmusique. He has a wide range of activities for ambient chill out to electronics And all of you who are familiar with Traum will know Ümit Han who releases regularly with us and also contributed a solo track also on this release.

"Late Last Night" by Mo Mirxa, dOnask

Mo Mirxa who has released with us several times on Tour De Traum has teamed up with dOnask with "Late Last Night" for another fantastic late night groover as always and a downbeat experience you don´t want to miss.

"On Living" by Ümit Han

Ümit Han provides us lately with some great ambient and chill out music or you might want to call it electronic as well . "On Living" is no exception and moves along like evaporated, steaming water.

"In The Air" by Sunspot (NL)

Sunspot is also a person you should know if you are a Tour de Traum fan. He has contributes tracks before. This one is a special one and as we talked here about it, we came to the conclusion that this track reminds us very much of what the UK label Clear releases a long time ago. They were famous for their free form electro music very much in a new school way. Since we were fans we liked this track when we first heard it.

"Anti-Gravity" by Aichenbach

Aichenbach’s "Anti-Gravity" belongs to the only two chill out tracks ion this release. This track is great it tells a story so it has a narrative quality. Total attention to the "Klang", yes.

"Les Vides Sont Plaints" by Nanopix

Nanopix has written with "Les Vides Sont Plaints" a very pure piano piece more stern and classic then the other beat less tracks we have on this compilation expressing itself through its category even stronger.


1. Emde, Clock - Time
2. Tas Kessler - Maitage
3. Davidovitch - Digital Moon
4. Room Service - Never Ending Story
5. Henning Richter - Berlin
6. Robin Schellenberg, Vruno - Tomcito
7. Filter Bear - A Cloud Without A Home
8. Yannek Maunz feat. Johanson - oncealive
9. Peter Shik - Summernights
10. Huminal – Hedonica
11. Andy Moon -Philaes Landing
12. Mikrochip Mafia - What You Like
13. Riamiwo - Helion
14. Feroui, Nasca - Digitized Interactions
15. Gabs - The Inner Workings
16. Deep In Calm - Astral Shadows
17. Sebastian Fleischer - Lake
18. Holly North - Angel Hair
19. Jaksa Pavicevic - Spectra
20. Keygenlog - Smart Concentration
21. Zoi (CA) - Last Night
22. QuiQui - Gain Control
23. Dani Sbert – Mature
24. GRDN. - Duhnen
25. Floyd Hoogendijk - Random Effect
26. Cosma Castiglia - Octave
27. Deeplomat & Dublatov - Ribera (feat. Reiku)
28. The Two Doctors - A Walk In The Black Forest
29. Mentat - Entropy
30. Fabrik Way - Parousia
31. Lukas Bilz -Distance
32. Dan Baber - Avoid
33. Tribalanza- Innergazer
34. Darper - Owl
35. Geist -Totem
36. Flembaz - Warping
37. The Öbjektz - Paused
38. Hassan Abou Alam, Tanya Ahmed - Run
39. Max Kuffel - Botsuana Braindance
40. Darkantik - Stack
41. Otto Diels - Sand Castles
42. The Untergang - Return
43. Philippe Cam - Karine
44. Harald Grosskopf, Ümit Han, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinski, Siegfried Kärcher - Improvisation 51105
45. Mo Mirxa, d0nask - Late Last Night
46. Ümit Han - On Living
47. Sunspot (NL) - In the Air
48. Aichenbach - Anti-Gravity
49. Nanopix - Les Vides Sont Plaints

Release Date:                                                                       05. July 2019