Monokompatibel - Rawgenic EP - Trapez ltd 182

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Monokompatibel's second strike on TRAPEZ LTD!

Monokompatibel are Michael Wirtz, Andreas Kolinski and Severin Schultze. They feature the artist BlackIsBeautiful in their second EP for Trapez ltd.

"Borborygm" by Monokompatibel, BlackIsBeautiful

The follow up EP fishes more in deep waters especially the track: "Borborygm". Its minimal techno style features a stronger melodic note due to BlackIsBeautiful who has reworked some of his ideas together with Michael Wirtz and Andreas Kolinski.


"Nincompoop" is more stripped down but contains a reduced acid sequence that is very playful but nevertheless has a strong German identity to it.


The track "mRNA" contains micro percussive elements that create a subtle nervous energy on behalf of an atmospheric sci-fi soundtrack with is thoughtful and establishes a momentum which is well maintained.

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Release date                                                            24. September 2021