Per Condelius - Modern Times - Trapez 242

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Per Condelius's is back with his second EP!

Per Condelius has released on Mike Dearborn’s label Majesty and the legendary techno label Konsequent (giving a home to Christian Morgenstern) and certainly on Trapez in 2020.

But these here are modern times which reflect in his new EP with us. His EP comprising 3 new tracks including two Chicago influenced trax as well as a more new school techno track. All done in the new powerful recording style of now!

The EP kicks off with the minimalist old school inspired trax – rocker "Cogwheel". The "one sequence", "one kick", "one hi-hat" formula is in full effect here and connects him to iconic Trapez producers like A. Trebor (now know under the namne of The Plant Worker).

"Rocket Launcher" carries more of a melody note and should be a great weapon on the dance floor with hypnotizing repetition and powerful roaring synths.

"Trunkate" takes us back to the early drum computer techno days but gives this bit extra necessary to pull off the trick for the dancers on the floor.

Release date:                                                              10. December 2021