Martyn Playfrd - Draw For Robots - Trapez 241

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Martyn Playfrd is back on the track!

Martyn Playfrd has his second release out with Trapez. Martyn lives in Voskresensk and keeps himself pretty much under the radar. He uses a minimalist set of analogue machines and we guess he loves a lot of the classic Roland series and Korg. He creates music that develops as he plays. So the music is very direct and raw. Martyn Playfrd lets the machines speak and has a gifted "telepathic" talent to read them. He has been played by best German radio station BYTE FM in the Electro Royale program hosted by Martin Böttcher. He also earned praise by top UK producer John Digweed.

The EP starts with "Level 404" maybe the most powerful track in regards of low fat bass and a super "funky" programmed groove. Funky might not be the right word but the groove rolls in a very good fashion. The set up in this track is minimal, you can count the amount of channels on two hands, but that worries nobody since it feels like a full meal in the end.

"Sofit" has the stomping beats and 303 sounding sequences that do the talking counteracted by thrown in chords and crying sirens that add a deep and soulful level to the track.

"Urasimo Taro" has the authentic 303 do the more extensive talking and the whole chemistry of this track reminds me of early 90ies techno. Described by Belin Tresor icon DJ Tanith at his peak as music with "mean sounds" (fiese Töne).

Release date:                                                              19. November 2021