Mex - Hive Mind - Trapez 240

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We welcome Mex on TRAPEZ!

After winning the Sample Slam in Munich, Mex entered the techno scene signing with Neuzeit records to release his first EPs, including his most renowned remix on Simon Stiglmeiers "Colliseum" EP. This opened the door to play in selected venues across Germany, including welknown clubs like Harry Klein, Bullitt and the Distillery. After a two year break, he is now back with his latest music. With the 90s Sound of Frankfurt as a very early inspiration, his tracks are represented by defined melodies in a clear harmonic context. With favorable sounds and arrangements in mind, Mex aims to create songs that could be arranged for piano and wouldn't loose their essence.

"Hive Mind“

His Trapez EP kicks off with "Hive Mind" that carries the fine note of the deep style artist like Audio Injection and Harvey McKay. Expect nothing less than big reverbs, curbed hollerings and pounding drums.


"Cryostasis" carries a stronger 90ies techno feel including a nice spiritual and soulful side that features sensual hedonistic vocals and climbing sequences.


The last track of the Ep is "Plexi" a nightcrawler with a strong John Carpenter like soundtrack side to it.

Release date:                                                                  15. October 2021