Epi Centrum - Divine Intervention - Trapez 236

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Epi Centrum's new blast!

Warsaw's analog techno maverick Jurek Przezdziecki is back as EPI CENTRUM with his new EP.

Uncompromising and powerful as ever the Polish electronic music writer and producer lives up to his reputation of delivering top hairy analog techno with soul and a little bit more.

As you can witness on his new EP his music is written and recorded in a way that leaves room for imagination which is a great treat by some of the best minimalist artists from music and film.

Epi Centrum’s music is always driving and striving to discover something new and eventually the music synchronizes with what we guess is his idea or the story behind everything.

"Decameron“ by Epi Centrum

The EP kicks off with the mighty title "Decameron" an engine powered track faster than light. A flash of fantasy delivered by a rhythmic construction with a strong industrial note, connecting well to the industrial bands of the 80ies.As we know these have influenced Jurek Przezdziecki to write music.

"Divine Intervention" by Epi Centrum

"Divine Intervention" fuses Detroit influences with his machine-made sounds to form an indestructible unit of rhythm and noise.

"Exponential Density" by Epi Centrum

"Exponential Density" brings in raw crackling sounds in sequences blending them with traces of triggered melody sequences.

"Re-Enactment" by Epi Centrum

"Re-Enactment" reminds us of raw techno by The Mover once the pride of Frankfurt’s underground guerrilla techno base. Epi Centrum enhances the theme by chords that sound like church bells and this makes it a highlight on this EP.

Release date:                                                                        21. May 2021