pørtl - Gooze - Traum V298

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Blending experimental electronics with authentic urban acoustic elements

pørtl is an electronic music duo formed by Jan Lüftner and Jonas Obermüller, blending experimental electronics with authentic urban acoustic elements. They're signature sound ranges from almost ambient to pulsating rhythmic tracks, incorporating field recordings, analogue synthesizers, and felt pianos. The name "pørtl" signifies the concept of transporting listeners on a musical journey. Their music seamlessly combines ambient electronic and club music, pushing conventional boundaries.

Both originating from the Black Forest area, they have known each other since childhood, bonding over their shared passion for drumming and percussion. They later formed the post-rock band "There's a Light," releasing multiple albums over a decade.

Still actively producing electronic music, they merge their experiences to create a new and unique sound. The duo regularly collaborates, both in the band and during studio sessions, exploring new ways to shape their sound.

Their new project, "Gooze“, offers an exciting listening experience for electronic music fans and lovers of ambient and experimental sounds alike.

The EP consist of 5 original tracks and remixes by Traum artist who have been releasing fantastic music on Traum Schallplatten mostly through the TOUR DE TRAUM compilation as there are: Deep In Calm, Zoi, Antigold and Bach US.

The EP is recorded in a way that each track flows into the next and you feel the conceptional side means a lot to pørtl.

"Luminate" kicks off the EP... a 2 minute piece of electro acoustic music, a sensual humming, an echoing voice , electronic sounds that resonate like crackling sounds on the floor, a period of rain, a yearning piano... welcome to pørtl’s minimalism, in the shape of a 2 minute deep dive.

"Field" is getting into gear with beats and a bucket full of sensual voices. It sees a fat synth talking which is then killed off to give way to tender organic sounds that could come from a sea shore where a small ground of people has gathered

"Orgn" on the other hand embodies an escalation of dynamics in every sense, melodies are more direct and of a different nature.

"Gooze" connects again stronger to the to the first 2 tracks but with more pathos and steps up, accelerates and finds itself on the dance-floor with clubbers dancing having a smile on their face.

"Dusk" is a mighty outro track, a powerful coda. It provides a lasting impression with its sinking out of tune chords and synth sounds but thins out to the end to connect to the beginning of the EP.

"Deep in Calm" transforms "Gooze" into a hot and energetic epic disco tune, with transitional passages that are surprising, unpredictable, and groundbreaking.

Zoi, who has previously released an EP on TRAUM, remixes "Orgn," infusing it with a fantastic deep house understatement and dreamy quality.

Swiss artist Antigold reworks "Gooze," contributing to the mesmerizing emotional depth alongside all the remixers.

Finally, French artist Bach Us, known for his skillful sound montage, delivers a flawless remix that showcases his boundless imagination, blending abstract electronic music with funky elements in a unique and rare manner.

Release Date:                                                                       21. June 2024