Techno Ganoven - Ad Astra EP - Traum V296

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Vienna Calling!

The Techno Ganoven, a Viennese duo consisting of Leopold Brandisand and Elias Brandstötter, have garnered renown for their dynamic live performances and DJ sets, showcasing a diverse musical-repertoire spanning from high-energy melodic techno to house music. They're devoted following in their hometown is reflected in their residency at the prestigious PRST club (The red groove social club) nestled within a former television studio, known for its exceptional sound system. Participation in the esteemed event "Kein Sonntag Ohne Techno". Which occasionally migrates to venues such as the illustrious Grelle Forelle club, where TRAUM hosted a label night alongside Max Cooper and Minilogue, underscores their prominence in the electronic music scene. The moniker "Techno Ganoven" is emblematic of their playful and innovative approach to music-making, eschewing genre constraints and fostering an atmosphere of joy and creativity, a sentiment warmly embraced by their fanbase. One half of the duo Leopold Brandis, previously released music under the pseudonym LOVD, demonstrating proficiency in diverse musical styles, yet the Techno Ganoven project embraces a more focused selection of genres. Their preference for live performances using hardware instruments underscores their dedication to craftsmanship, while their studio serves as a crucible for creative exploration.

Their "Ad Astra" ep, released on Traum, is a testament to their commitment to melodic techno. The title track, "Ad Astra" resonates with grandeur, evoking profound emotional responses.

"Onirique" delves into the realm of arpeggiated sequences and soaring melodies, evoking a tidal wave of emotion.

"Pattern 14" envelops listeners in an ethereal haze of synthesized chords, punctuated by moments of silence that build anticipation for what lies ahead, a composition that has enraptured audiences in Vienna and beyond, earning its rightful place on this ep.

Release Date:                                                                        03. May 2024