Johannes Klingebiel - Happily Drowning - Traum V294

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Johannes Klingebiel joins TRAUM!

Johannes Klingebiel is already a very much established artist in the electronic dance scene. With various very different releases on Beats In Space and Mule Musiq, Mireia, Feines Tier and Bloomer records he has proved to be a musician with many faces exploring the electronic dancefloor and somtimes even ambient music. He studied jazz drums and piano in Cologne after school and shorty after started to produce music. Johannes productions always incorporate unpredictable details, something you get from experimenting, playing around and improvisation. This sets him apart from others. His playing in the band C.A.R. as a drummer and him enjoying being part of a loosely connected network of artists at the "Gaswerksiedlung" in Berlin-Rummelsburg have done their part to make his music stay fresh and exciting at times when you get the feeling music is very much about just keeping up the status quo. "Latewood" was his first track that did the rounds and that many people associate with him. Later his track "Positional Play" on Beats In Space caught the attention of many fans.

Johannes Klingebiel’s first track on his ep for Traum "Happily Drowning" is maybe the most complex and complete track on this ep with lots of cool details, yet it describes as he says this feeling of simply letting go and letting yourself drift with the current, diving into the unknown.

For him "Good Times" has something very cinematic about it with the emotional chord changes and instrumentation. The title is a bit ironic, of course, and is also inspired by the movie "Good Time", which works in a similar way and which absolutely blew him away.

"Landslide" is the most minimalist track on this ep evoking late 90ies funky minimalistic times in a flawless modern way.

"These Dots Are Played For Talking" was written in the same session as "Happily Drowning" and „expresses a similar ambivalent feeling between euphoria and abyss“ as Johannes puts it in his own words.

Release Date:                                                                    01. March 2024