Jim Rivers - Pyracantha EP - Traum V288

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<We welcome Jim Rivers!

The British artist Jim Rivers has already quite a history in releasing and remixing music with over 40 releases on labels such as Bedrock, Intec, Renaissance, Global Underground and many more and it would be impossible to break down his stages starting in 2006 with his debut Single "Restore" so we leave it for you to trace down all of this.

His new EP "Pyracantha" describes a comeback after a break and his fans will be happy to see him writing beautiful music again.

The release kicks off with title track "Pyracantha" a track that skillfully builds up a bond with the listener through a hypnotic evolution of sound until shifting into another gear to show these passages of escalation that make it all worth while. By infusing drama on the dance floor in small portions the track keeps that classy and upright posture which has determined so many bestsellers in electronic dance music.

"Dahlia (Sweet Nathalie)" exposes Jim Rivers knowledge of the old school and the new school by fusing a theme that reminds us of Derrick May’s "Nude Photo" with a modern melodic indie pop spirit that really lets the track leap into the category of artistic melodic house and techno music. This is music with a great taste and the knowledge of how to involve the listener and dancer.

"Hosta" slowly but steadily builds up a seductive groove before it makes contact with a ravy baseline and rotating chords that take you by the hand and guide you through the ups and downs to a safe harbor we call the "soul".

Release Date:                                                             03. November 2023