Bach Us - Idylle - Traum V286

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Brandnew follow up by our French artist Bach Us!

With „Idylle“ Bach Us delivers his second ep on Traum. We were thrilled by his first one and so were many other people especially radio djs and people who prefer the artistic side of music. You can be sure Bach Us puts up quite a funky affair every time he writes a track. So we knew these new ones were 100℅ on track! Expect nothing less than breathtaking music. Sure we were asking ourselves how will his second ep turn out. It cannot get better. And what we received connects to his previous ep but the focus is on a slightly more dark and moody dimension. Having said this „Idylle“ can be easily recognized as a true Bach US release. These supernatural powers we claimed with his first ep can be found here in full bloom.

The ep consists this time of three new tracks which are: „Vertige“, „Knifes Out“ and „Fulfilled“. The second part of the release are remixes. We have though of whom to ask and we came up with artists on our label that have a great appreciation for artistic music and were able to interpret that music with beats.

"Vertige" is an artistic firework of vocal snippets and rhythmic funk that come together to create a true Bach Us mood.

"Knifes Out" is a masterpiece of fast paced staccato sounds and slow motion elements creating this suspense and drama. A gentleness of sound that meets the speed of light.

"Fulfilled" is a moody track that lingers on with lots of trickery in the composition. Here sounds connected to each other are being chased in an unorthodox way to make it an exciting voyage.

The first remix comes from by the Canadian artist Dark Arps who we see releasing a full ep on Traum in combination with his artist collective later this month. His remix for Bach Us is done in a sonic way by creating a similar vivid world of sounds of his own and connects it to a totally different rhythm. This is stunning and bizarre at he same time. Dark Arps has a very vivid past with years in the UK and some might say he is the heart of the electronic scene in Vancouver. His studio is a huge cockpit of hardware where he spends most of his time. His analog music generators are inextricably intertwined with him.

The second remix comes vom UK producer Philias who recorded a solo ep for Traum in April. His interpretation turns out to be an exotic and playful house tune using the sounds of Bach Us and transfers them into a groove laden funky affair.

The last remix comes from Jan Steiner who has recorded a whole album with us as well as contributions for Tour De Traum. He remixed Max Cooper for Mesh and got on Niels Frahms precious piano playlist. The challenge was to see if the universe of Bach Us can be connected to the 4/4 world and still keep a similar artistic brilliance. Jan Steiner has done an amazing job of translating Bach Us’s music into his world. Adding a nice progression himself to the track, this remix shapes its own identity.

Release Date:                                                                 06. October 2023