Ron Flatter - Cirque De Fous - Traum V285

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Curtain up and clear the stage for German producer Ron Flatter.

The "Cirque De Fous EP" pays tribute to the insane party community of the techno scene. Expect nothing less then lots of wild & untamed moments to get the rave going! Ron Flatter has been participating now for over 15 years in the scene, but lately he has created a flow of stunning trax which have made him even more attractive in the hearts of his fans. His new EP is already techno proven as he has played single trax on numerous recent gigs with a lot of enthusiastic feedback. The EP kicks off with "Cirque De Fous" a mad and raw unchanneled energy monster which is the equivalent to thousand hands up in the air. Be prepared this track is full on and can be dropped to add hysteria and frenzy to peak time moments in your DJ set.

The storyboard of "Lifty" is quite unreal and impossible to retell. Too many details and changes are happening here. It is a rave tune at times, but then it gets real quiet and lands in a nature resort of sounds before it escalates again. This is a wild succession of different stages, a constant up and down... melted together into one big journey and last but not least a wild party.

And if you think you have heard it all "Dirtyseda" tops all of it with an arrangement that seems 100% intuitive and full of life. There is not much more possible in terms of communicating with the crowd than what Ron Flatter establishes here. Sometimes it seems as if this was a live recording of Ron djing at a party in full attack mode.

Release Date:                                                            08. September 2023