Israel Vich, Tony V - Like Jike - Traum V283

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Peruvian electronic music!

There has always been an interest for electronic music in Peru. The Peruvian electronic avant-garde pioneer Cesar Bolaños for instance composed musique concrète from 1962 to 1970 for the the defunct Torcuato Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Peruvian electronic music started to bloom even more since 2012/2014 and has been going strongly through various artists such as Israel Vich and Tony V.

Israel Vich is one of the top producers & live acts to come out of Peru’s dance music scene who has become a globally recognized live artist, producer, DJ and musician. So we are happy to feature a piece of the very inventive and rich culture of his on Traum. He himself released several eps on Berlin's label Get Physical, Electronique, Monique Musique, Natural Rhythm and his own label Sprinkler Records. He has played Kater Holzig (Bar 25) in Berlin and several WMC’s in Miami. A variety of Israel’s tracks have been supported by the likes of Maceo Plex, M.A.N.D.Y., Stacey Pullen, Dj T, Wildkats, Richie Hawtin, Den Ishu,, Dualton, John Acquaviva, Maximiljan and Nick Warren.

For the Traum release "Like Jike" he teams up here with Tony V aka Tony Villanueva who is also a driving force for underground dance culture in Peru. He has coproduced and released with Israel Vich on KIndish and Bar 25. He runs his own label San Bolsa Music and is pushing the Peruvian underground electronic dance scene with some popular artists like Jay Tripwire, Ryan Crosson, Disorder and more.

Their two track single for Traum kicks off with "Like Jike" which can be described as a super percussive & rhythmic deep house track with an epic flow of different elements avoiding all stereotypes but works with self made sounds and hand made percussion to generate a truly genuine progression. This is a groove you cannot resist and contains a seductive massive baseline as well.

"Chiñanue" is a slow beat track that features a great diversity of native percussive sounds and a vocal to accomplish a natural feel you can easily get hooked on. Israel Vich and Tony V have worked together on several occasions we are happy to feature this special jewel now on Traum Schallplatten.

Release Date:                                                                      09. June 2023