Philias - The Burn - Traum V279

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Introspective House and Electronic Music by Philias!

Philias is a new project of the British artist Phil Joannides who has been around for years producing music under various monikers. He has worked for various high profile recording studios in the UK which has sharpened his senses for fine music productions.

Technically speaking his music blends considered arrangements with analog synthesis and field recordings.

Musically speaking it is introspective house + electronic music for those seeking emotional connection, as much as audiophiles and late night dark rooms. Harmonies that wrap you inside a warm audio embrace and keep you dancing

In the past Phil has created records that work across dance floors but his new project brings things together in a new, personal way.

His current and future project Philias is the result and creation of a two year ongoing studio work. The tracks have a future thinking quality to create timeless melodic house & techno + electronica. Everything has been produced, mixed and mastered in a high end studio with analog instruments and outboard processing to give it an organic feel.

The artwork and video for the EP "The Burn" comes from Martin The Artist who is working closely with the Philias project.

The EP kicks off with "The Burn" a track with a Lil’ Louis like sequence that extends its tentacles towards a stronger melodic quality still keeping the rhythmic side of things. For us the fine hypnotic quality evokes the spirit of French master-cuts on the French label FNAC by the likes of Laurent Garnier and friends.

"The Burn" as the title conveys itself, is a forceful steady and consistent flow of radiant energy that could glow in the dark while on the other side the intensity of the rhythm keeps you locked into the groove. This could be the most club based track on this EP.

"Private Sun" connect to its predecessor but features stronger abstract melodies and paints brittle contours within a rich and colorful sound. Feelings of time lapse and solitude are expressed by a curbed enthusiasm and joy. The soulfulness and richness of this composition features a mesh of distinguished complexity that we think is breathtaking. But who are we to judge, please listen yourself. The track will come with its own visual accompaniment.

"Flutter" is the "electronic" equivalent to the dance tracks on this EP. More adventurous in its experimental sounds, it features razor-sharp changes in pace, themes and direction, supplying the track with that vibrant nervous energy. This is a mobile full of sparkling and vital sounds run by a high level of creativity. Its introspective and melancholic soul is a combination that is appreciated also very much. ds.

"Hold It Down" features a great moody and soothing deep house track with a lot of passion and heritage of fine English house music. The progression is subtle and great! This track deserves to be listened too, but who we are to decide, listen yourself.

Release Date:                                                                      07. April 2023