Ron Flatter - It Was Me - Traum V277

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Next blast by Ron Flatter!

Ron Flatter is an indispensable part of the German DJ culture. Since two decades he also plays all the dance-floor in Germany and has not lost contact with the base. With more than 40 releases + more than 50 remixes Ron has put his stamp on the scene. Each of his records speaks for itself and each is just as virgin as the one before and all follow his biorhythm which is implanted in his DNA through his many DJ gigs.

With his new release however, he has made a big step. "It Was Me" boldly goes into the field in which we have also seen before him producers like Paul Kalkbrenner go, techno with emotional vocals that can generate him new fans beyond his core audience. At his gigs he has already played the title anonymously with much success. We can't wait to see his tracks hitting the scene. In detail, this means extensive vocals overlaying melodic sounds that spread like wisps of fog fan-shaped in space. "It Was Me" is many times more poppy than his ep's before. For those who want to listen to the track without vocals, an instrumental version is offered and a radio mix is also included in the package.

The second track is called "Chromatic" and is a fateful emotional techno piece that is able to play itself casually into your heart. Here is chastened euphory with a little melancholy as a success model brand Ron Flatter.

Release Date:                                                                10. February 2023