Greene - Petrichor EP - Traum V276

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Greene's debut on TRAUM!

Greene gives his debut as a solo artists on Traum with his Petrichor EP.

Entering our label with his track "Kitchen Stories" on Tour De Traum XXI, it became clear the Hamburg based artist Greene has a masterplan when it comes to write music. His music is driven by expressing his feelings and he captures the beauty of nature in music. Rather than filling up a DJs toolbox, his music lives on elaborate detailed musical ideas and in this respect it puts him next to our artists Ryan Davis & early Max Cooper. With just a few releases out (Mobilee and US label ICONYC), it shows he has the guts to choose and select with care and then goes for a vibrant performance on these labels. Greene’s music defies categories such as melodic techno and melodic house. His music is more likely to reach the music-interested listener, who simply chooses what he likes and this freedom is also reflected in his music. So let us open the curtain for 4 unreleased tracks plus one remix by Roman Adam from Oliver Huntemann’s label Senso Sounds.

The EP kicks off with the vocal version of "Petrichor". Airy and stereophonic in its appeal it lashes out into the 4/4 melodic techno world but not without moments when the whole structure gently collapses like a house of cards, only to be rebuilt again skillfully. Not afraid of the unknown territory this is music with a vision and although the music builds on a lightness and comfort zone, it is just as radical and decisive.

The follow up track "Triple Kick Chakra" has from the start a stronger focus on darker melodic techno sending out coded signals that get more complex with each step. Featuring a massive production, you will find this track appealing to DJs as well.

Roman Adam, one half of the renowned The Coast project, has remixed "Triple Kick Chakra". Known for his powerhouse productions in the club techno world showing syncopated percussion and a minimalist build up, you can find all of this quality here in his remix for Greene.

"Tako Ttsubo" is the ambient track on his EP sounding rather Asian with native instruments and sounds making the connection to his intention to capture the beauty in nature.

Release Date:                                                                  13. January 2023