Various Artists - Tour De Traum 26 - Traum CDDig 53

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We invite you to another chapter of Tour De Traum in its winter edition. Again new faces from distant parts of the world who are given a voice here, next to artists who appear on Tour De Traum regularly. We waste no time and kick it off with the first artist on the release:

Adam Zasada - Love

Adam Zasada combines in this house tune simply called "Love" beautiful lush melodies with accelerating sequenced tones. This multi layered composition features occasional feedbacks and noises on top of melancholic organ sounds to make it a deep dwelling electronic dance track.

Kai Meyer - Rocker

Kai Meyer has released with us in the past and does so again with his track "Rocker". The eventful track features a lot of drastic & dynamic mood changes and reminds us of the early Nick Dow releases on our label. Witness this adventurous voyage!

Antigold - Rainbowland

Antigold triggers with "Rainbowland" ideas of domestic minimal house with a cool leftfield influence. It reminds us of the innovative period in German electronic music with labels such as Playhouse records where tracks shad a modern German new school approach combined with a cool understatement.

Kawari - Golden Waterfall

The grinding organs of Kawari ́s track "Golden Waterfall" gives way to a heavenly voice which surfs on the waves of tone sequences. This track has a nice progression and leads us to unknown territory which is something we like very much.

Max Blücher - All These Little Things

Max Blücher directly jumps into a strong forward motion with sequences that remind us of some early German wave music. But be not mislead, the track then morphs into something very different and in-fact modern. "All These Little Things" manages to unite all these different moods into one explosive piece of fantastic melodic house & techno music.

DJ Endo - Take Off

We welcome back DJ Endo with his new track "Take Off". Wer are fans of his music and are happy to feature here another fantastic piece of KRAUT music. We think here of Manuel Göttsching but we certainly know the comparison is a bit off. Nevertheless the minimalist German trance of the 70ies finds its home here. Call it progression or whatsoever it is done in a very sophisticated cool way. On top he sets exclamation marks with mighty lead sounds slicing through from time to time which is nice as well.

Jimi Collen - Lost

Jimi Collen has more identities than any other artist we have ever met. Starting his career with his real name: Salih Yusuf, Jimi Moller and at least 5 more names and while we speak changed his name again, this time too: Jimi Killich. Anyway his track "Lost" is a perfect blend of a strange powerful beat that can cope with all DJ demands you can imagine. While it is still offering a musicality that fits to TRAUM. We think this is a strong track.

Pavel Kosmonaut - Ius Chasma

We see the artist Pavel Kosmonaut evolving and getting better and better with each year. He has been featured by us for some years now on Tour De Traum and we are happy his new track "Ius Chasma" has turned out the way it has. Romance meets rave. The mighty meets the fragile! "Ius Chasma" is in its way a rollercoaster of emotions.


SOUNDQ has written with "Body" a cool 80ies flavored anthem with vocals, 303 like sequences and mighty bass-lines. What sounds like a wild mixture ends up being exciting and new!

Cortexmaltex - Peaceful

We welcome back the French artist Cortexmaltex. Some might remember his solo EP on TRAUM and his contributions to Tour De Traum in the past. His new track "Peaceful" is really expressing that calm and romantic spirit it announces through the title. Slowley evolving it manages to establish this relaxed magic mood we really cherish.

Henotik - Some Distant Radio

Henotik has written with "Some Distant Radio" a track with no stunts. Instead you get a slacker of a track! It features a cool rhythmic programming including a dirty down to earth bass-line, some played chords and last but not least heavenly strings on top.

MRKX - Nights

MRKX writes with "Nights" a gloomy atmospheric song. In the course of the track it turns more towards blooming melodies that remain relaxed and calm.

Andy Moon - Sleepwalker

Andy Moon creates with "Sleepwalker" a heavy forward motion that is powered by a monstrous excellent roaring sound. As he told us it is a "result of sound-shaping involving an electric guitar and synths with tons of effects" which in the course of the track is undergoing minor changes while melodies close in and cut through that sound. "Sleepwalker" is a cliffhanger.

Bastien - Presente

Bastien ́s track "Presente" is modeled on the very popular early Detroit techno sound of Transmat & associates. Witness the cool visionary sounds in combination with his own sounds.

Jan Steiner - Nychthemeron (Jan Steiner meets Jay Hosking Mix)

You might know Jan Steiner from his album on TRAUM which was based on fairytales but his interest go many ways. For example his new track "Nychthemeron (Jan Steiner meets Jay Hosking Mix)" is originally a remix of Jay Hasking (comes here in a rework) and so is more rhythmic and electronic. It could as well be the soundtrack of a Dr Who episode. It is playful, surreal and fictional.

Deep In Calm - Infinite Light

Deep In Calm who has been on various Tour De Traum releases and has released his most successful track on TDT so far with more than 700 000 listeners on Spotify. This time he surprised us with "Infinite Light" a voyage of a track that is so loose and beautiful in its variations of melodies, it could compare to a drone flight through a mega large Dutch tulip field.

Danjel Esperanza - Am Strand der Schillerlocken

Danjel Esperanza returns with "Am Strand der Schillerlocken". For all of you who like synth sounds in their purest shape there will love this track. It makes no concession to DJ music but shapes melodies and has them clash in a very inspiring way.

Smirre - Erratum

Smirre delivers with his track "Erratum" a very lively and organic flow of melodies that cannot be foreseen by any means. It seems to be born out of a live music process which makes it so adventurous and exciting.

Luis Padron - Painting The Sky

Luis Padron has written with "Painting The Sky" maybe the most progressive house track on this compilation. It expends its wings in a slow motion process and that makes it possible to sneak into it as a listener and make it your home.

Sonimun - Morning Walk

Sonimun aka Numinos from Cologne provides us with his newest invention "Morning Walk" which could be described as synth pop disco hybrid. As always his production is inspiring. Sonimun teaches at the Folkwang Institute.

Giddyhead - Off The Wall

Giddyhead from Buenos Aires returns to Traum with his new piece of music "Off The Wall". Slowly but carefully planting his steps the artist draws us into a world which slow changes lead us to places we could not foresee. This is the wonderful world of Giddyhead, an ambient soundtrack as well as a dance compass.

St. Savor - Valley of Craters

St. Savor ́s "Valley of Craters" could be described as narrative melodic house music with dreamlike passages always returning to a steady rhythm.

XA3MAT - Scapes Of Nova

XA3MAT "Scapes Of Nova" captures a romantic atmosphere offering a lot of brilliant complexity in the composition.

Pak Sota - Beatrice

Pak Sota has chosen with "Beatrice" a DJ friendly uptempo track which is likely to work well as a transition between trax in a DJ set.

Soleeman - Front Of Me

Soleeman has written a powerhouse track with "Front Of Me" that pulls all the tricks out of the hat. The sounds are very mighty and can cut through other sounds with ease.

Leeks - Hommage To Nebula

British artist returns to TRAUM with "Hommage Too but we are not sure. Nevertheless a very adventure.

Umo Fracto - Tersio

Umo Fracto has been a frequent artist on Tour De Traum. His deep house style we like very much and also "Tersio" keeps up the quality.

Canosa - Sensazioni

Canosa ́s "Sensazioni" is melodramatic electronic music from Italy. We think it is genuine in its own category.

Cockpitcrew - Desert Dawn

Cockpitcrew ́s "Desert Dawn" is a soundtrack of the desert. Synths that sound like crickets, acoustic sounds that announce the sunset and repetition of other sounds that express the space and time continuum.

Broken Frame - Wire To Nowhere

Broken Frame has composed "Wire To Nowhere" which is expresses a stage in which you are prepared for the next step to come, whatever it will be. It is a bit like a blank space which is to be defined. All this is quite emotional and exceptionally done well. So we hope you will lend your ear to this tune and we expect to hear more from this artist in the future.

Popular Mechaniks - Poin

Popular Mechaniks has released dance music with us but this is an 12 minute piece of ambient music. Slowly evolving "Poin" gains more velocity at halftime and is very good to describe landscapes without borders.

Any Shade of Green - Be Yourself

Any Shade of Green has contributed to Tour De Traum in the past. "Be Yourself" is a pure piece of exotic electronica. Bizarre and personal and totally walking in it’s own path. This is not fort he weak.

Patrick Muschiol - Rainforest At Night

Patrick Muschiol ́s track "Rainforest At Night" expresses quite genuinely a feeling which could very well establish itself in your head when the dew is lifting in the forest. Emotional ambient music with a linear rhythm section all on a very high level.

Å - A Day In Vienna

"A Day In Vienna" is not by Tuxedomoon or a wave band of the 80ies but it does carry sounds similar to what The Human League did and others of that time. Welcome the artists with the singular letter: Å.

Release Date:                                                             01. December 2023