Various Artists - Tour De Traum XXV - Traum CDDig 52

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Tour De Traum XXV headlines our 25th anniversary!

The 25th edition of Tour De Traum collides with our anniversary of 25 years of our label Traum. This makes it a very special release for us and we are celebrating this on the 19th of August in Cologne at the ArtTheater with a lineup of artists from the beginning to now. We would like to invite all of you to witness the special occasion.

Triton - Tongue (TV)

Florida based Eddie Odabachian has written with "Tongue (TV)" a piece of rhythmic electronic music, mystical/ tropical and at times dark as a soundtrack for swamp regions/wetlands.

Efe Nazioglu – Cloudtape

Efe Nazioglu hass written with "Cloudtape" an atmospheric house track with a melancholic mood powered by piano, percussion and synth. "Cloudtape" is a cinematic soundtrack and hypnotic dance track.

Egotape - All By My Own

Cologne based Egotape is still on the rise but has already been remixed by German duo Hidden Empire and was supported by Bebetta recently. His emotional deep music is also present in his track "All By My Own" which also sees him singing. He skillfully blends melodies with each other creating an introvert melodic powerhouse.

Jules Nathanson - Follow The Feeling

UK Based artist Jules Nathanson joins us with his track "Follow The Feeling". Deep house in nature this track has a lot to offer in terms of detail and composition and never fails to create a brilliant hypnotic soulful ambience.

Monobass – Organika

Monobass is a musical project brought to life by the collaboration of two talented artists: Kryss Hypnowave and Dj Datch. "Organika" dives deep into the dub techno world with a sound that echoes and exist only as long as others follow to take their place. This is a natural evolution of sound that is as smooth as it is lively and exciting. So it is no surprise that the duo has called the track "Organika".

PatriceVanDenBerg - Modern Technology

No Tour De Traum without the Dutch artist PatriceVanDenBerg. He always surprises us with music that follows no trends but his inner voice. Fantastic dubbed out music with sounds moving with the pace of a slow motion lava lamp.

Armst – Interlude

Armst is a French producer based in Rennes and has been making music for more than fifteen years under different formations such as Lloydjnk or his great experience of the live duo Darlin'Nikki. This new project opens a window on his lifelong inspirations, namely modern left field house music that features an incredible compositional diversity and modern sound design which is very powerful as well.

Pammin - Orange Dots

Berlin based Pammin evokes with "Orange Dots" the world of Chicagos legend Lil’ Louis but goes beyond with his elephantastic shouts of melodies deep from the inside of the cavemans universe. Mesmerising.

Luis Padron - Bending The Light

Luis Padron based in Miami has written with "Bending The Light" an energetic dance track based on a subtle 303 like sequence that is fed by slowly expanding cinematic ambient background sounds. At halftime the 303 erupts to climb to the next level with percussion being added. Natural progression on a high level, simplistic and minimalist in its own right.

healedbytechno - Elephant Techno

healedbytechno from the UK puts forward with "Elephant Techno" a great minimalist track with that kind of freeform funk we expect to come only from the UK. Great performance of rhythm, melody and style.

Surf Shaper – Leucadia

Surf Shaper presents his version of playful melodic music. This track has a positive feel and the naivety is great to have and shows how important it is these days when all goes to bits.

The Rares - Confusion

The Rares have released several EPs on our techno label Trapez and have sent us this powerful & dark melodic track for Tour De Traum. We expect DJs will love this track for its biorhythm. It is perfect for the floor.

Silver MX – Mangrove

Silver MX has writtem with "Mangrove" a seductive hypnotic techno track with sounds that remind us of the gigantic electronic music from supergroups of the 70ies. He skillfully alternates between these big sounds and a minimalist repetitive structure and succeeeds in doing so

Laigonen Kanonen – Spring

Laigonen Kanonen is based in Berlin and writes wonderful „played“ lush music with an compositional edge which features a seductive motion resulting from such a hybrid.

Aaron Hedges - Cybernetic System

What appears to be an old school electro track winds up to be much more complex and modern. Multiple layers of sounds work in a polyrhythmic fashion that makes funk an real experience. The deep parts come close to Basic Channels ambient pieces.

Uccelli – Glow

We welcome back Uccelli with his new track "Glow". The flow, melody and simplicity is outstanding and ends up to be a real earworm.

Not so k – Beyond

Not so k gives us a taste with "Beyond" of what we can expect from his solo EP on Traum this year. Unconventional tricky and will a huge knowledge of what minimalism is good for on the dancefloor, makes his track mystical and functional at the same time and therefor a great treat.

Pak Sota – Astrid

Pak Sota has been contributing to a lot of Tour De Traum and we welcome him for we appreciate his music very much. "Astrid" is one of these tracks that just does enough for the progression and storytelling and still keeps a minimalist approach. This track features nice sounds we have come across in Basic Channels world of music, which never run out now style.

Deep In Calm - What If Down Is Up

Deep In Calm is known for his deep house music and had a super success with his track "Nowhere City" on Tour De Traum XV with more the ‪790 000‬ plays on Spotify. His new track "What If Down Is Up" starts as a hard techno track but evolves into a deep melodic one which is fantastic.

Sebastian Fleischer - Long Time

Sebastian Fleischer advances with what seems to be a techno banger. That will surprise some of you who know about his reputation for deep house tracks. But don't get us wrong this is a great track which incorporates his skill to create a deep atmosphere and it fits good into the techno genre.

Gareth Mullen - Central Station

Irish artist Gareth Mullen runs a distorted sequence that teams up with a sick sequence that wanders slowly, cautiously up and down to create a successfull urgency and the taste of noir.

Danjel Esperanza - Drüben An Der Rausche

Danjel Esperanza is apart from a music writer a passionate fisher and thats where he probably got the inspiration for the title from. His style can be described as building on the heritage of Frankfurt techno and "Drüben An Der Rausche" does so in a fascinating way.It is the coherent and hypnotic groove coming from his analog machines that makes his music special. The unpredictable quality and beauty is a result of knowing how to work his machines.

Bach Us - Pyrotechnics

Bach Us has released his debut EP with us on Traum und supplies us here with the new unreleased track "Pyrotechnics". The track undergoes an incredible change you would not expect and the electrifying quality instantly matches the one of his EP. This is music that touches unseen territory. When it stops you will want to go for a rewind.

Pinto - In A Funk

Pinto "In A Funk" reminds us of our releases with Jeff Samuel on Trapez. Minimalist funk with a great groove that can really warm you up on the dance floor. Expect this to be the only track on Tour De Traum in this style.

Peter F. Spieß - Nachmittag Im Volksgarten

We welcome back the minimalist Peter F. Spieß with another introvert track this time considered genre wise as dub techno. But as we are aware of Peter’s quality it did not take long for him to deconstruct that genre with sounds that find their origin in the electronic world of music left field of dance music.

Jan Steiner – Strontium

We welcome back Jan Steiner. The Ireland based artist has many faces but the love for dub techno seems to stay with him. "Strontium" is a deep dwelling hypnotic techno dub track with some excursions into the experimental which confirms his reputation as someone who is not afraid of taking risks and incorporating them into his fine compositions.

Flayman – Sunset

After writing a solo EP for us the Argentinian artist Flayman returns with the track "Sunset". His track has that melancholic atmosphere we came to know from his previous tracks but is more minimal and beat powered. He will also play at the 25 year anniversary party in Cologne on The 19th of August. it.

DJ Endo – Intense

DJ Endo aka Hiroshi Endo returns to Tour De Traum with an enthusiastic piano rave techno track that has all the qualities of British groups like 808 State. Perfect uplifting music.

KeyZee - Mars Walk

We are happy to have KeyZee on board with his track "Mars Walk". He was trying for the last Tour de Traum but this track for us ranges among the best he has written, but we would not really know since he is writing tons of music which we have not heard jet. The lightness and friendlyness of his music is phenomenal, paired with a lot of psychedelica that could be found on a Dr Who episode.

korberd - Magenta 1

Cologne based korberd writes strictly abstract modular music. His track "Magenta 1" is an blend of sequences and shifting tones that keep closing up and move away from each other, resulting in an intersection of sounds with incredible deepness. Music for people who know.

Justin Randall - Get Set

Justin Randal from the UK delivers the most minimalist track of this release and reminds us of the great minimal funk trax of the mid 90ies that are always great fun to mix in a dj set. The track has a seductive groove and highlights some „far out feelings“ that are very popular on the dance floor.

Cirom - Burning People

Cirom opens the dub techno channel with "Burning People". Antagonistic sounds shape the soil on which this deep piece of techno performs. This transformation includes passages with a lot of soul that are hooky enough to pull you in and never let you go.

Steve Stix – Entropy

Steve Stix is a pioneer of the German techno scene with his home base in Münster where he has been resident in almost every top club at some point. He held a residency at legendary Maria Am Ostbahnhof in Berlin with an international Dj career following and was involved in the German "Techno culture“: from working in a record-store to working for the well known Dj equipment company Elevator. So it does not surprise us that his melodic techno track "Entropy" features the universal quality a track must have to get dance-floors going. If you are up for a powerful big time treat, or if you just want to dance away this will be your track.

Jaksa Pavicevic - Amor Fati

Jaksa Pavicevic presents with "Amor Fati" an artistic track that skillfully makes the crossover between positive uplifting music and hypnotic basic channel delay sounds in the background to create a complexity that is stunning and exciting.

Mister Sweatband - Purple Sky

Mister Sweatband’s "Purple Sky" is the neo disco track on this release. Curbed emphusiasm and positivism with an hi-energy end make it a classy disco jewel.

Chuck Philipps – Above

Chuck Philipps looks down from above. A slow motion movement, grand and almost heroic on a micro level. It does feature a fast paced percussion since this is the stimulation for the dancing people and works perfectly here.

Saratovking - Are You Happy?

Deep melancholic house music with an also uplifting quality comes from Saratovking. Imagine the soundtrack of an indie road trip movie coming at the end.

Henotik - One More Thing

Henotik, the British musician based in Barcelona returns to Traum with a funky beat track showing mood changes which account for many of the great productions of the 80ies.

Surmillo – Oblivion

Surmillo’s "Oblivion" conveys a feeling of longing and expresses periods of silence in a convincing manner.

Tweaken – Spellbound

Tweaken have written a funky rhythmic track called "Spellbound" with a new wave flavor. The goth synth sounds are a real highlights for all of us who like The Cure and The Cocteau Twins.

Zigi Wiz - Promised Sand

Zigi Wiz presents "Promised Sand". A journey through desert sand and oriental culture. A soundtrack through ancient times mystic and powerful.

Hughes Giboulay - La Ballade d'Alain

We welcome back Hughes Giboulay who most of you know from his techno releases. With his new track "La Ballade d'Alain" he changes to a genre of listening music. It is a fantastic composition in the shape of a soundtrack with classic instruments and synths and might be interesting for people who like the minimalist Steve Reich or Terry Riley.

Ümit Han - Midday Sun

Ümit Han’s "Midday Sun" takes up the cudgels for pure beat free ambient music as the only representative on Tour De Traum. This track is heavy and dark.

Popular Mechaniks - 5ubm3rg3

Popular Mechaniks presenst with "5ubm3rg3" a track that has all sound characteristics of underwater sounds in the beginning and being carried through the track, but does adds wonderfull melodies that fit perfectly on top and in-between. For all lovers of the 303, there will be that sequence to be found as well.

Seb T - Ojos Abiertos

New York basef Seb T had written with "Ojos Abiertos" a wild and polyrhythmic rainforest of sounds. It is a track to loose yourself in. But you need to stick with it to recognize the structure and appreciate all of it.

Skylined - Mostly Mused

Skylined with "Mostly Mused" chose a free form beat to provide his very lovely melodic composition with the appropriate rhythmic framework. The musical world of his is colorful and without any presets.

Zweig - Giggling

Zweig returns to Tour De Traum with "Giggling" all done in a post Detroit fashion playful and bloomy. On the end it is more like a journey through a beautiful garden.

Ron Flatter – Anoaman

Releasing music means that from time to time you want to pay extra tribute to a track already released and this applies to Ron Flatters "Anoaman" which felt like a club anthem from the beginning. The track involves the audience strongly and that makes the track so special

Extrawelt – Heracid

"Heracid" was released on the last EP we did with Extrawelt and made it into several charts. Though not a classic acid track it throws in a reference to the 2nd generation of acid days. Who knows Extrawelt is aware of the fact that they are masters of creating an undercurrent of an urgency that runs through the track and therefore creates tension on the dance-floor.

Carsten Halm - Fuchsbau (Yeadon Remix)

We have added Carsten Halm's track "Fuchsbau" in the Yeadon remix here as we saw that there was a lot of great reaction to that track of his. Carsten has been a force with his collective spirit techno and the Ep was a big success. The English producer and Dj Yeadon hailed as one of Britains biggest talents in the field of progressive has remixed the title track "Fuchsbau". The interpretation is a great take on the original.

Release Date:                                                                   07. July 2023