Forest People - Malkuth - Trapez 266

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Forest People's follow up!

Forest People is the alter ego of Dragan Lakic. We already released an EP with him a year ago and this is a perfect follow up. What makes Forest People’s music so special is that it is genuine techno which comes from the inside and has to be released through trax. People speak of Dragan Lakic as a natural born techno DJ and as all ends meet... this has shaped his slightly industrial and powerful techno. The amount of funk he ads is just right and is enough to get the groove going. Dragan is supported by Len Faki, Alex Bau, Umek, Paco Osuna and more and has played at Berghain, Tresor and other legendary clubs.

The opening track "Malkuth" is frantic and mental but last but not least a fantastic trip or rather a space odyssey in full color. Dragan Lakic shows that he is a master of simplistic magic techno at its best. Let yourself be absorbed by "Malkuth".

"Yesod" is the anti-pole of "Malkuth". Apocalyptic and dark, robbed of all the colors that once were there... this is brutal architectural techno at its best!

"Netzach" is a dark soundtrack without any beat structure which fits nicely to "Yesod".

Release date:                                                                    22. March 2024