Namhar - Pandemonium - Trapez 261

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We welcome Namhar on TRAPEZ!

Producer Namhar, also known as Iftekar, has been a pianist since the early years and has previously released music under his alternative moniker Blooming Shapes. Over the years he has continuously honed his craft and elved deep into the arts of electronic music and synthesis. From playing in bands to heavy duty mixing on the console he has adapted to a wide variety of sound but his new found love for techno music has guided him to create his own unique identity under the name of Namhar. He has releases so far on: Minitech Recordings, Nechto, Klinik Room, Deepsomnia and Ambi records. His 6 track EP for Trapez kicks off with the drone track "Pandemonium". The track has a strong current of dark energy working for it. Its hypnotic quality is underlined by a heavy powerful production.

"Two Dimes" is a track that skillfully inflates a monotone vibe to a musical dimension that can be described as seductive. A pure knight of the night as we know that feeling from some of the best techno trax.

"Microgram" carries that original basement feeling from early techno days. This is techno with a relentless pounding kick drum that leads you to another state of mind. .

Escape" executes and contributes to the mood of the previous tracks in a perfect form.

"Forged" is pure techno-whispering with cool FX and a perfect rhythmic flow.

"A Broken Faith" is a hyperactive fast paced techno track that equals an energy rush! Expect the beat to never stop. And as a result the dancers nervous system is in a constant state of full alert!

Release date:                                                             21. September 2023