Jürgen Laarmann, Mijk van Dijk, Future Forever - Forcing The Future - Trapez 261.5

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30 years of Frontpage Magazine!

With our new release on Trapez we go way back in time and pay tribute to the 30 year anniversary of the techno magazine Frontpage. Legendary Berlin DJ and producer Mijk van Dijk and Jürgen Laarmann have written the soundtrack for the wild techno days of the 90ies when Frontpage magazine was the most sought after techno magazine. Their techno hymn "Forcing The Future" was the motto of Frontpage and shows here all the quality underground techno music had at that time: nasty synth sounds with a rave signal quality meet the reverb driven claps and snares. Witness a heavenly adrenaline rush from the beginning to the end being inspired by the music of "Metasm" from Second Phase, Joey Beltram’s "Energy Flash", Ravesignal, Speedy J, Acid Junkies, and many more from that time.

Mijk van Dijk has produced a powerhouse of a techno stormer with amazing sound design and nasty catchy leads which send the track into overdrive.

Jürgen Laarmann has recently created a stir up with his award for his podcast "1000 Tage Techno" on Apple and with his social network activities and articles in newspapers. He will host also the 30th anniversary of Frontpage on Saturday the 14th of October at Berlin’s Staub, the legendary daytime party of "What about Blank".

Release date:                                                                  23. October 2023