Bella Bits - Medicine Boy EP - Trapez 260

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Techno music from Ireland by Bella Bits!

This is new music by the Irish producer Bella Bits: pure energy with soul! Unspoiled techno directly from the heart as we noticed from the first moment when hearing these tracks. As Bella Bits says it in his own words: "No one got me into this music, I heard it and felt it in my chest, the love of my life. From the west coast of Ireland beside the sea. Lots of fields, lots of cows, and lots of techno."

The EP kicks off with "Medicine Boy" a track that takes all hurdles, gallops on the dance-floorr to create havoc.

"Stay To The Shadows" makes big sounds big and small sounds small to create a space that can eat you up. Better hide in the shadows because this is where you will find this music being played by DJs. .

"In Dark Corners“... yes the dark corners you cannot avoid them and the track just naturally captures that feel, including a dose of true post Detroit feel.

"The Mermaid" is maybe the Irish version of Detroit Grand Pubahs "Sandwiches"... in a totally different way... granted... but maybe this track is the star on this EP! It is the sound of the creature, half fish and half-human, that went to a nightclub that meet a bear with lipstick and a straw hat that drank tequila... maybe she sheds her skin and her soul and maybe she is to be found at the best parties in Ireland.

Release date:                                                                   25. August 2023