Jason Orfan, Fonsekas - Master Overdrive - Trapez 258

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We welcome Jason Orfan & Fonsekas on TRAPEZ!

Jason Orfan & Fonsekas is the new techno project from the Swedish progressive master Tegma and the former promotor/dj/producer Tsekas.

Jason played at one of Tsekas parties at the legendary Stockholm club ”Docklands” already in 1999 and they have been good friends since then. They connected right away because both are Greek descendants. They had plans to produce music together already back in the days and it became reality in 2018. So these guys have a long experience in the electronic scene with several releases. Mostly Jason has toured all over the world with rocking DJ and live sets, but with a thirst for more challenges in the studio, a new project has been born. Jason Orfan & Fonsekas are known for the power in their productions and with a strong crossover appeal in techno.

For Trapez they have written two tracks of wich the first track "Master Overdrive" is a monster of a techno track featuring strong signal sequences with a 'wake up' call quality to transfer the dance floor into a place of intensive dancing. The track skillfully establishes a cross over by letting new sound design meet vintage techno sounds.

"Roll The Dice" is more of a build up track with a deep side to it which establishes a continuation of different sounds all appearing here in a rhythmic dimension.

Release date:                                                                       23. June 2023