Phase Twice - Mainland EP - Trapez 256

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Heavy Duty machinery by Phase Twice!

Phase Twice are an upcoming duo from Italy, founded in 2019. They have already been supported by the likes of Richie Hawtin and friends. Phase Twice have released on Thirtyonetwenty, Playmobil, Extravaganza, Plus Beat recording and Prospect. On Trapez you can find their newest material, heavy duty machinery that carries just the right amount of changes and variation to cut through their monotony and wipe off all static from their wind shield. This is a directional force where changes come about as in magnetic fields.

The EP kicks off with "Mainland" a haunting and energetic track, where the changes mostly come from within, elegant and smooth but in some cases they appear directly without a warning as if switched on by a power cord. This lends the track a youthfulness and direct approach which sets it apart from many tracks we heard.

"Domea" is the smaller brother of "Mainland", not quite as energetic and powerful but it shares quite a lot in terms of mood and aura. Whereas "Riunah" is all airy and floating as if all was happening in the outer sphere of another uninhibited planet. Spacious and strange.

Release date:                                                                       14. April 2023