Malek Ales - Unfold EP - Trapez 249

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Malek Ales's 3th EP on TRAPEZ!

We welcome back Malek Ales with a brand new 5 track EP. All of you who have been listening to techno for some time now know that he is a force in the Baltic states and beyond, being supported by people such as Richie Hawtin and likes. So expect nothing less than 100% dedication to the dance floor.

When the first track unfolds Malek Ales once again shows his skill for minimalist techno at its best with a strong rolling groove and big exposed synth leads that penetrate the rhythm section to give you full satisfaction on the dance floor

"Frequency Exhibition" is more on the melodic side of things with deep strings creating a warm but urgent feeling adding a vintage post Detroit connotation.

"At The Rave" catches the atmosphere of a huge rave with blasting orchestral synthesizer sounds and intense breaks.

"Got Me Going" features some devilish dark bass lines and a screaming vocal. All together creating an atmosphere of madness. A track that you can play when the dancers are already at their highest.

The final track of the EP "Holding On" features an inspiration from Detroit techno days with a bass line apocalyptic and dark that awakes memories of the old Kevin Saunderson days but with the power and determination of 2022.

Release date:                                                                   12. August 2022