Mark Wise - Power Lines - Trapez 248

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US Producer Mark Wise on TRAPEZ!

Mark Wise is still an upstart but a man on the rise in the American DJ community. The musician from New Jersey has earned success with being played on several radio stations and was charted at Beatport. One of his most recent tracks "Dominator" has been played by Carl Cox.

This 2 track single on Trapez features "Plucky Ducky" and "Power Lines" which can both be described as 'raw techno', straightforward in their simplicity.

Techno without taboos and you can sense a masterplan behind his music.

The opening track "Plucky Ducky" kicks off with mighty roaring sounds that could be the FX soundtrack for the next Jurassic Park but then plunges in to the next chapter of his masterplan to rock the dance floor with a new sequence and melody. In fact the track is a huge build up of new sequences coming all the time in order to twist the track into another direction. All of this resulting in a mad techno banger. Mark Wise shows some real expertise of how to deal with the dancer on the dance floor.

The second track "Power Lines" is a powerhouse of a techno track being energetic from the start and does not fear to make a cross over between old school rave melodies and new school heavy baselines. Mark Wise is a man on a mission. Nothing will stop him.

Release date:                                                                 17. June 2022