Peter Kirn - Grid Turbulence - Trapez 247

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We welcome Peter Kirn!

Peter Kirn is a composer and media artist, with releases on Detroit Underground, Industrial Complex, Wunderblock Records, Kotä Records, and his own Establishment, among others. He has for over a decade run CDM which has evolved into a daily destination for analysis of cutting-edge use of technology in all aspects of music. Peter developed with the award winning engineer James Grahame the compact and low cost hybrid synth MeeBlips. He has in the past collaborated with the European Space Agency, various festivals and conferences (TED, South by Southwest, re:publica), and produced workshops and open performance laboratories (MusicMakers Hacklab) around the world. His greatest passion has been making music for kinky parties and grimy underground club events, raunchy noise music, and passionate and ever-changing experimental expression, rooted in training in composition in New York with his teacher Tania Leon. As a classically trained composer and pianist, Kirn loves to produce adventurous techno and experimental music so we saw the chance to connect to an artist who can write risky music for us. As some of you might remember our liaison with Canadian artist Akufen on Trapez too lead to an artists series called "Psychometry".

Peter’s “Grid Turbulence” makes various affectionate nods to aerospace engineering and physics. Hard-hitting, industrial-infused techno tracks here are composed with dense layers of hand-constructed sounds from arrays of software modulars and instruments and one mostly-functioning Polivoks, driven through sordid distortions. These are machine grooves inspired by the mechanical souls of flying machines and their creators. The artists interest was amplified from childhood fantasies to time spent dancing in ex-industrial spaces and deep friendships with children of aerospace engineers, as new generations have turned to music.

His Trapez ep kicks off with "Annular Combustor". The density of the track, is expressed through a hard-hitting forward motion and haunting sounds that feel like an oxygen injection triggering that continuous process. The track feels apocalyptic and rampant but the gas like howling sound expresses also a fantastic slow motion feel that gives an enormous depth to the track.

"Boundary Layer" is a killer of a track, that sounds like the digestive system of a giant mammal. Polyrhythmic contortion at its best from the beginning to the end. Enjoy.

"Korolev Cross" is a sensual progression of themes which are twisted and injected with a skilled hand all hovering over machine made beats.

"High Cycle Fatigue" is an abstract composition of sounds with a visual attraction going with it. Sounds are virtually chasing each other. Stockhausen would love it!

The track is then remixed by Berlin based artist TRACKs also known with another project as Rey. An audio engineer, aural-visual artist leading Uferlos Studios, as well as co-founder of the WØMB. TRACKs has worked for the past decade as a freelancer, managing events and various creative and social projects. They performs and produces under the monikers TRACKs, Mss Vtk & Dr. Rey. TRACKs recent projects includes building a DIY Portable Recording Booth (an open source solution for home studios), as well as mastering TOTAL SOLIDARITY – Benefit Compilation for Grassroot LGBTQIA+ Organizations in Poland, a 121-track benefit compilation by Oramics and New York Haunted label.

Working with similar beats TRACKs remix of "High Cycle Fatigue shows the passion for exploring Kirn's sounds and gaining new grounds here through the insight as an audio engineer.

Release date:                                                                  27. May 2022